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Congratulations! Get ready to catapult your career and create meaningful work.

This is career-transforming, rock-star-making career coaching and personal branding. It’s big fun, hard work, and nets results. This is not for those wanting a quick fix. You didn’t get where you are the easy way, so you’ll understand the value in the process and the results from doing it right.

As I guide you to create your Superstar Brand, lose every notion you’ve ever had about branding and get ready to create a career brand by design, not default. Here’s what you need to know up-front:

  • this is not fast or easy; it IS fun; it does work
  • your Rock Your Career Superstar program is designed especially for YOU
  • while there are benchmarks, much of what we do is customized in the flow
  • deliverables and milestones can change
  • this is personal, for YOU and about YOU, not something you can hand off to admin

Are you ready to rock your career? We work together to:

  • Create a vision for your ideal career or business: Focus creates opportunities.
  • Assess your reputation: How are you currently perceived online and off? Does this align with your goals?
  • Rock your network®: Networking is the No. 1 way people land new opportunities.  You’ll be able to communicate who you are and what you do in any situation to attract opportunities right for you.
  • Enhance your brand and visibility online. Did you know 86% of people search for you online before ever meeting you? Harness the power of your presence online and position yourself for your career now and in the future.
  • Communicate your value in bottom-line terms decision-makers love. When you do, you’ll more easily get that raise, promotion, business or new gig. 
  • Create a Rock Star Bio. And communication plan you can use to make your network thrive online or off in minutes a day.
  • Develop a plan to evolve your brand as your career or business evolves.

And much more in this Rock Your Career® – Superstar transformation program.

This coaching engagement is the best option for professionals wanting an accelerated approach to becoming recognized experts and rock stars at work. The structured approach keeps you on track and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can derail your progress. We work together closely to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. 

Are you ready to be a rock star at work? Let’s roll!

What clients say:

I have very positive memories of working with you to reset my career path 5 years ago. To this day, I still try to think of work or personal experiences as CAR stories! Whenever possible, I also mention you to friends and acquaintances looking for a career change or refresh. – Grace, Instructional Designer

Collaborate. Create. Connect.

When you go through this program, you’ll work with me, Wendy Terwelp, directly. Why does that matter?

– Sustainable results. Throughout this website, you’ll see stories of my clients’ results. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more.

– Network. My clients get access to my professional network and vetted service providers to support their goals.

– Expertise. I walk my talk and am quoted in national media including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post (who named me a LinkedIn Guru), The Business Journal, Fast Company, Inc., NBC, ABC, FOX, and more. Google me.

– Published: My work is featured in ATD’s “2014 Best on Career Development,” Twitter Job Search Guide, and Personal Branding for Dummies. And I wrote I wrote “Rock Your Network®” and “Rock Your Job Search.”

– Recognition. Named in the Top 15 Career Masterminds (along with Richard Nelson Bolles, author of “What Color is Your Parachute?”), Top Job Search Articles (2011 – 2016), and Top Twitter Accounts Job Seekers Must Follow.

Ready to rock?

Get Started Now and book your strategy session.

This call runs 30 minutes during which we’ll create a vision for your future, uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success, and create an action plan. You’ll also receive a quote for coaching to put your plan in motion and net results.

Blaze past your competition and neutralize the yawn factor by creating your rock brand. Start now!

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Rock Your Network®

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